Sometimes trapped emotions can become lodged around the heart, and can create a ‘Heart-Wall.’

 Has something ever happened that left you feeling emotionally injured?  A pain or heavy feeling on your chest as if your heart had just been broken?

Many of us may have experienced this a few times. Perhaps from an end of a relationship, a death of someone close to you, or even a hurtful comment that someone may have said. Your heart lies at the center of your being. Recent research indicates that our heart may be a second brain – one more powerful in fact than the one that rests upon your neck. It is through our hearts that we actively give and receive love.

As you may know, our hearts are vulnerable to emotional injury. In the same way we have trapped emotions in our bodies, sometimes we trap these emotions in and around our hearts. Since a trapped emotion consists of pure energy, our subconscious mind will take this energy and literally build a wall with it around our hearts as protection. It’s like when you, or someone else might say “I’ll never be hurt like that again” or  “They really have a guard up”. People around can actually feel this source of protection you’ve created. A Heart Wall can close you off to wonderful people/things that you might have experienced had you not been blocked in feeling them.

sunset in heart hands

  • Heart Walls can and do block energy from flowing throughout the body. This makes it more difficult for the body to heal itself, resulting in physical and emotional pains. (Often more associated with shoulder, neck and back pain.)
  • Heart Walls prevent us from fully opening our hearts to others. A Heart Wall can numb you to the feelings of others, making it difficult to connect to people and loved ones around you. 

The Emotion Code can easily remove the Heart-Walls we’ve built. Imagine, finally being able to feel again. Feel the love from the people around you, being able to feel love for people again. That isolating feeling you may have once felt, is a thing of the past. 

When a Heart-Wall is removed, amazing things can and have happened. Some people notice an immediate change, and some notice gradually over time.

I have seen clients change their lives after their Heart-Wall was removed, suddenly finding an amazing partner, re-kindling a relationship they thought was over, healing family relationships and changing careers even.

ANYTHING is possible once we open the doors to our hearts, and begin to feel again.